New eBay redemption codes for December 2015

One of the best ways to reduce eBay is by using an eBay Redemption Code. eBay Redemption Codes are delivered to eBay users accounts to help encourage them to spend some money on eBay. These codes are nearly always linked with using your PayPal account. eBay Redemption Codes are not automatically sent to your bank account though. And even once the eBay codes are sent, you aren’t always able to make them work and even just need to phone Ebay and paypal to get them to work.

eBay redemption code

Will probably like discuss three different methods that will help you use eBay Redemption Codes that will help you save some extra money. Underneath are three different tips we strongly recommend.

eBay Redemption Code – Tip 1 –

Ensure you have set up your eBay account to enable you to receive solicitation and newsletters from eBay. You’ll need to log into your account and explore the “Preferences” part of your account. If you do not allow eBay to send you information, you will never receive codes in your email inbox.

eBay Redemption Code – Tip 2 –

This is a step that is often overlooked. Two things can actually happen in this situation. The first is that you apply the code which you were sent plus it doesn’t work. The second instance is you apply the code and yes it shows the discount, however when you enter payment details, you lose the discount that eBay had awarded you.

eBay redemption code

In both cases you must log from the PayPal account. It’s not necassary to log into PayPal till you have been prompted to do this by eBay. The other troubleshooting item that needs to be done is be sure to have added your PayPal account on your eBay account.

eBay Redemption Code – Tip 3 –

Sometimes it is possible to search the internet for eBay Redemption Codes that eBay provided for another member to work with. These eBay codes will not likely always work, but not they do and people are amazed to save even more on the eBay purchase. Get the most current redemption codes.

As you can tell there are many ways to troubleshoot eBay Redemption Codes. In case you have tried all three steps and also have not had any success yet, then unfortunately, you will need to either contact eBay or wait until an eBay code is distributed to your account.

New eBay redemption codes for December 2015

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